A cup of coffee with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent

A key foundation for any business in building success is positive word of mouth. Often a word from a friend, an online review will motivate people beyond an advertisement. And building positive word of mouth means creating remarkable moments. It means being consistent in your products/service and in the experiences you create. It means a commitment not to word of mouth but to the people you serve and the service you deliver. I have been fortunate to experience many remarkable moments over the past year, and I want to honor these places. So I am returning to the shine a light section of my blog. And there’s no better way to kick this off than with my experiences with Bagel Boys in Alpharetta, Ga.

It’s about 7:30am maybe even 8:00am on a Monday morning early summer, and I have the privilege of avoiding the traffic and working from here. A group of guys are gathered at their regular watering make that ‘coffeeing’ hole/table. This place has become their clubhouse. Wait…make that community center not just for this group of guys. (those of us who come here often also think of it as a community center, a great place to bring friends or just sit and work or read.) This group of guys meet up here in the mornings (many of them daily) to connect, share their stories, a little breakfast (lots of coffee) and then head out for their day. This group is a fairly large group and on any day there could be 5, 6 even 7 of them.  On this particular day, the stories are flowing, there’s lots of laughter and all of them ‘leaning forward’ into the conversations.

IMG_0734The door swings open and dressed in casual attire, one of the regulars rolls in. He’s carrying a vase of beautiful hydrangeas – colorful, large and he’s clearly very proud of them. He walks squarely up to the table and announces “I thought we needed a centerpiece today!”  Candidly the vase almost looks out of place with him.  His buddies enjoy a good laugh and the ‘florist’ has a seat. The conversation resumes, as if there has not been a break. As that story unwinds, it’s on to the next. And the guy who brought flowers proceeds to share his story related to flowers.

In some shape or form this story plays out here every day. All of the regulars have come to feel a sense of community and not just with each other but the staff. The folks that work here are a unique team, team really isn’t the right word it’s more like family. They view this café as more than a place to get coffee, a bagel or a sandwich. Everyone who interfaces with the guests – from the owners, to the sweet girl who often takes the orders, even the guys in the kitchen.  Even more unique, is not only do they know the names of ALL their regulars they also know their story. They always take the time to engage beyond your order. All of that said the food and the coffee are always exquisite.

One day I came in to get my regular large vanilla nut coffee. I ordered, was handed my cup and then headed to the coffee bar to pour my coffee and add the extras I like. It took just a few minutes, as I returned to exit, the only thing in my hands my coffee.  As I was leaving, the gentleman behind the cash register came out from behind the counter and opened the door for me and said “Have a great day Robyn, hope your commute is smooth this morning!” I returned with “You too, thank you!” Now this is not a unique experience, every time I come in they treat me as if I were a guest in their home. They treat everyone as if you are in their home, whether you are a regular or a first timer.

So where is this place – what is the name of it? It’s Bagel Boys in Alpharetta, Ga. And as I have gone into great detail to share with you the community – make no mistake, the coffee and ALL of the food alone are a reason to come and try it out. But I encourage you to stay, or return regularly.   You will be treated as if you are a special guest.

These guys are not chasing goodness they are bringing it everyday!

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