Amazon Has Two A’s – Not an A and an E

You are probably wondering – why the title of this post? Thanks for asking – let me tell you!

Over the last several months, I have received quite a few emails saying:

‘Congradulations! You’ve won a $250 gift card (the amounts vary) from Amezon!’ Sometimes, it tells me that if I respond and click on the link to take the survey, they will send me a ‘$50 (again the amounts vary) Amezon gift card’.

The first time I thought…hmm, that’s weird – but it’s a sure clue it’s not really from Amazon! I thought it was a little funny too. I mean, any company is well aware of how to spell their name. They chose that name! I can only wonder – how many people are falling for this email and replying that they want the gift card? Who a gift card from a complete stranger, offering them this gift card from one of the greatest retailers in the world?

Hang on – it doesn’t stop there!

I wish I hadn’t deleted another email I received recently, because it might give you the giggle it gave me. But when I deleted it, I didn’t know I was going be to over the edge afterwards, and writing this post. Anyway…an email I received last week started with this greeting:

‘Dear edgar,’

Then it droned on about something I can’t remember, except that I received and email from someone who thinks I’m edgar (yes, this isn’t a typo – the name wasn’t capitalized). Now last time I checked (but I did take a quick look in the mirror before I hit the post button, just to be sure). I’m not a guy named ‘edgar’, or Edgar for that matter.

Here are a few tips for those emailing these types of offers:

If spelling isn’t your thing, then you might want to run it through some kind of spellcheck before you respond. (Spelling was my thing in school, so I spotted in the subject line.)

Whether you have the right name or not, please make sure it’s capitalized. Also, it might not be a bad idea that the name you call your addressee is at least the right gender.

I hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned because I might just write about the call that I received this afternoon. It was so crazy; it’s what really sent me over the edge. I even took notes.

Enjoy your day!

P.S. The first message in my email this morning addressed me as ernest. Well at least the emails are  consistent. They all use a lowercase ‘e’ and the ‘e’ is not capitalized. (What are your thoughts – do I look more like an edgar or an ernest to you? Let me know in the comments). The purpose of this email was to alert me as follows: ‘ernest Your Banking A/c May Be Blocked Check it….. ‘ (yes, 5 dots).

But don’t take my word for it – I’ve posted it here for your reading pleasure.

Well I need to run – I need to check my Banking A/c in India. It could be I’m rich and didn’t even know it!

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