It just might happen to you too

Recently, we found ourselves in a waiting room somewhere, waiting for our names to be called. Most of the places we go these days, folks, there’s some kind of waiting period. And some places are more comfortable that others. Some have actual waiting rooms, some have lines, and some places may not have a line, but just want you to hang out until it’s your turn.

On this day, we found ourselves in a pretty large waiting room and there were lots of people. But hey – the chairs were comfortable! We prepared for an extended wait time by bringing our electronics to help us pass the time, as did most of the people waiting.

However, there was a group of folks sitting together that seemed to be family or friends, talking together while they waited to be called. They had a little boy with them who I guessed was 3 years old, or maybe 4. After a bit, his mom headed over to the restroom right there in the lobby. As she made the 10 steps over to the restroom, her little one got very upset and was saying she needed to stay with him. The closer she got to the restroom, the louder and more upset he became. She kept telling him everything would be okay and she stayed her course. You know how it is – when you gotta go, you gotta go!

VacantAs she closed the door, the little fella started knocking on it and shouting ‘come out, come out!’ It was so loud that it caught everyone’s attention and we all turned to glance the little guy and the restroom. After a minute or two, someone from his group came to carry him back and tried to comfort him. Eventually, the person watching him was able to convince him to take a seat and that Mom would be back soon. Now that he was with his group, he seemed to calm down and everyone went back to what they were doing and waiting their turn to be called.

After a few minutes, we heard a bit of a shriek! Of course, everyone turned their attention back to that restroom. (That place was becoming more entertaining by far than the literature and TVs they had in the lobby to help pass the time). A couple had just arrived, and the husband headed straight to the restroom. (Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!) That unfortunate mom was still in the restroom and evidently had left the door unlocked (yikes!), I’m guessing because of her son. That poor woman just could not get any peace!

Shortly thereafter, the woman came out, the man apologized, and so did she for not locking the door. She returned to her group, and they made a joke about locking (or not locking) the door. Right away, her son jumped her lap and they were on to the next thing.

Once folks saw her family and their laughing reaction, there was a bit of relief and some others started to giggle as well.

So what’s the lesson in all of this? You might want to make sure when you’re out anywhere and need to make a pit stop, lock the door. You never know – what might happen can happen!

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