Truth + Kindness = Rally’s Oops! Can Move Trees / Truth – Kindness = Noise

In my last post I talked to you about how frustrated I was with the thread going on in our online community newsletter. I also mentioned that ONE guy actually went over to see for himself what was going on – to meet the Vietnam veteran, and get the true story as to what was going on.

Part 2 of this story is so exciting to me – I’m not quite sure I can communicate all of the goodness that is in full bloom!

  • A team of folks has been able to move a tree or two, and do so much clean up in just a few days.
  • I have written so much about challenging folks to ‘chase the opportunity to bring goodness’ and
  • Here is a team of folks who have embraced this opportunity and ignored all of the meanness to deliver real goodness!

Truth + Kindness = Can rally a community and remove trees

Truth – Kindness = Noise and moves nothing but mouths

I had the privilege the meet this team of folks who were working so hard! It was a hot day here in Georgia, but it’s the south so you have to expect it this time of year. I was greeted very kindly, and I never heard anyone mention how hot it was, or how tired they were. What I did see was a team of people making great progress and encouraged by all that had been accomplished…so far. These folks were willing to stay the course and determined to serve this veteran who had so willingly served our country. They had nothing but kind words for everyone. I had the opportunity to engage in a brief chat with the guy leading, motivating and embracing this opportunity to bring goodness. I also chatted with the sweet veteran living there. Yep! He was out there working with this team, doing the best he could as he has his own health challenges, but he wanted to be a part of this team.

Another bit of goodness is that there were folks who’d stopped by to bring food and drinks to the team. Yet another group of people wanted to do what they could to be a part of bringing kindness, not sitting back and complaining! What I am seeing and experiencing is a community coming together and doing what they can to bring some kind of goodness to this opportunity. There were churches who have seen these efforts and stopped by see how they might be able to help.

As I was leaving on Saturday, I met two members of the patriot guard riding up on their motorcycles. They said that they’d heard that some help was needed. The team gathered again on Sunday to stay the course on this great effort! When the news learned of these effforts even they took an in interest!

It doesn’t stop here – these folks are still seeking opportunities to deliver more goodness. If you have a neighbor or member of your community who needs help, reach out to them at

So with all that, people are coming together and goodness is flowing. As I close, I will take a minute to share again the equations above.

Truth = This kind senior Veteran who needs some help and a little kindness. Kindness = in this situation, a community of people who want to help this guy in a variety of ways. There were some who even spent a couple of days removing trees! There are still a couple of very large trees that need to be removed, and if you can help, they will accept it! Without kindness, all that came out of this was pure noise. So math may not be my forte, but I think this works!

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