Elsa? Me, Really?

A couple of weeks ago, I was at church just hanging out and visiting with friends before things got started. I decided I’d better hit the restroom – I was pretty sure the line wouldn’t be long this close to services starting (I hoped). As I suspected, my timing was perfect – even better than expected. While washing my hands, I saw two little girls – my guess is that the younger one was 5 or 6 and her sister maybe 11 or 12. The older one stopped and said to me ‘you look like Elsa’! I was surprised and said ‘what? From Disney?’ She said ‘yes’. I was shocked! You see that morning in a complete rush I’d just braided my hair. (For us chicks, a braid, a pony-tail or even a bun can cover any bad hair day). The girl then said ‘why don’t you see it?’ About that time her little sister chimed in – ‘well you do look like her!’ We then proceeded to have a short chat about Disney. The 3 of us wrapped up and as I turned to leave, the little one threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. And then her sister did too. I thanked them for our chat, and we went our separate ways. Thank you

Now why do I share this with you? Honestly, it had been a bit of a hectic week for me. I went in to the restroom feeling tired and needing a little boost. I left feeling blessed and grateful – needless to say a lot better than when I went in! Those little girls raised my spirits like you would not believe, and in a way that still sticks with me to this very day. I am still thinking about it – heck, even sharing it with you! Most importantly, I feel grateful.

That’s why I’m urging you to lean in to this kind of goodness. You never know how it could make someone’s day, or just give them a smile or a giggle. It really doesn’t matter how they respond to you, but that you just do it!

So why don’t you take a minute today to stop and think about what little chat, smile, or kind word has come your way lately? Let’s stop and pass along a thank you, a smile, or a hug – you never know how it might be a blessing that stays with someone long past that little moment!

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