To the Guy in the Kroger Parking Lot

Greetings Sir

I‘d like to take a minute to let you know how helpful and constructive you were when you witnessed the fender bender at Kroger last week. I’m certain everyone was pleased to have you there. You were quick to let us all know you had a bird’s eye view. (I might suggest you may even have been able to prevent it). While I heard the incident as I was getting out of the car, I didn’t see it as it happened.  I was able to see the after effects on both cars. It’s fortunate for both parties that the damage was minimal for both of them. However, a fender bender is still frustrating.

It was nice of you, Sir, to stop for a couple of minutes and start yelling: ‘You never looked! You never looked! ’ so many times afterthings happened. (Maybe instead of yelling that after, you could have yelled earlier ‘Look out, Look out’). My guess is that folks wished you’d called out earlier, as you might have been helpful in preventing things. However, I guess you were content to be a bystander. Nevertheless, your willingness to let folks know quickly and loudly helped everyone coming or going know exactly what just happened. And I’m sure folks are happy that you did stop to share your thoughts, especially the poor people involved. What would we have done without your insight?

It’s a shame that that you couldn’t take time to stop and wait for the police to come so you could share your thoughts with them. But, I’m guessing you were very busy and had something else to get on to. Besides, you’d shared your thoughts so that all of uscould pass it along to the police. I am sure folks really appreciated you taking the time to slow your pace and get involved. (Most people who had seen things up close like you did would have stayed to share their thoughts with the police.) You covered your bases didn’t ya? And as a bystander, I guess you were off to stand by and watch somewhere else.

I was in Kroger for only about 30 minutes and as I was leaving, I saw the police had arrived. I noticed they were speaking to both drivers. It also looked like there were a couple of other people standing there as well, but I’m just not sure they had your view of the incident. I never heard them yelling over and over to let everyone know they saw things in motion like you did. Since you were kind enough to let us all know what you saw, anyone was equipped to share your kind words.

I’m not sure how things wrapped up. It looked as if no one was hurt and that the damage was very small to both cars, thankfully.

As I wrap up my note, I’m sorry I don’t have the opportunity to share these thoughts with you in person, but you skedaddled so quickly. I haven’t seen you since, but I believe I might recognize the baseball cap you were waving while sharing your constructive feedback. I’ll be looking!  With your loud voice and the way you can wave your hands in sync, you might have missed your calling. You might want to consider becoming an auctioneer!

If I do see you at Kroger or even around the neighborhood, don’t worry about having to kick up a conversation with me…my thoughts are – please be on your way [or did you mean to say ‘go your own way’? either will work]…oops, that’s just how you roll, isn’t it?

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