Three Good Deeds Just Made my Week

Last week was full of lots of goodness. So I’ve picked out three things to share with you because I can’t talk about them enough!

The first started with just one small ball of sidewalk chalk. I was out talking to the two young girls that live next door. (I think of them as my two sweet friends). We were talking about what we should do. They have more options than most as they also have three sweet brothers.

One of the girls and I decided we were going to chalk on the walkway to my front door, and had chalk in both of our hands we headed over. As I started to get down to start our little project, she spoke up and told me she was going first! I was a little surprised at how adamant she was. But hey, that was fine with me as I wasn’t sure what I was going to draw with my ball. I’m not even close to being an artist – and candidly, my handwriting isn’t the best either.

So, she got down and without hesitation began drawing. From where I was standing I couldn’t see what she was drawing. But I could see that she very much enjoying it! So after just a few short minutes, she stood up and pointed toward her drawing with a little ‘ta da’! Here’s what she had drawn:

Then she quickly took her chalk and mine, and told me she’d see me later. Oh what a wonderful moment for me that was! However, it doesn’t stop there.

A couple of days later, my doorbell rang and there was my little friend at the door.   Candidly, I couldn’t get there fast enough just to see why she’d come over, because I know when she and her sister come to the door, it’s always a treat for me. So I opened the door, and she hands me a Christmas card she’d made, just for me. And oh, what a sweet card it is…

Then the next day her sister came over, and handed me a card she made just for me! And oh, how sweet it is…

No offense to others who have sent me cards because I appreciate all of them. I know that thought and heart that went into them. However, these are probably my most favorite this year!

And now as promised, I have one more moment to share. A couple of days later, my doorbell rang again and there they were – my two little friends, and one of their friends. When I got to the door, they asked almost in unison if I could come out and play with them! At first, I said ‘not right now’ as I was getting ready to go out and hadn’t gotten myself fully ready. Then I thought to myself, when is the next time I’m gonna get an offer like this? So I grabbed my shoes and we were off. After just a few minutes, they informed me that we were playing ‘Super Heroes’ and all had different objects to give us our different powers. One of them had a big hat (I’m sure it belonged to one of her brothers as it was way too big for her). The next one had a little something she’d made but she couldn’t show it, or her powers would be gone. And then the third had a leaf she’d turned into a ring which was her object. Next, they turned to me and told me I was ‘Mystery Girl’ – I was handed my own ‘leaf ring’ and a piece of coal that needed to be in my pocket and not for all to see. Once I was in my Mystery Girl outfit, I was told by the girls to start thinking of mysteries for them to solve – then we were off! I don’t have any pictures of the coal or the four of us as we headed off. But I do have a picture of my leaf ring to share with you!


For lots of people around the world, the highlight of the season was the opening of Star Wars. But for me, it was these three very sweet and special moments!







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