Sno Cones….and a new job

Where to begin? I’ll spare you some of the details. But how ‘bout we start here? I was awarded a new job this month! I have to admit; it has been a very long time since I’ve been this excited! I was hired without having the perfect resume or interview, or trying to convince any hiring manager I’m the ‘one’. All I had to do was go out to the mailbox for my mail, with no make-up, a t-shirt, tennis shoes…you get the idea.

So what is my new job? Well I’m glad you asked. I am now part of a snow cone business the girls in my neighborhood are starting. They’d tried a dog washing business, but that wasn’t working out so well. In our neighborhood, a snow cone business has a larger audience than dog washing. (Everyone around here might like a snow cone, but very few have dogs so the potential client base is very limited).

Back to my job – so I shared with these young neighbors that they might want to think about something more folks might be interested in. On their own, without any suggestions from me, they landed on snow cones. Evidently both these young ladies families have snow cone machines. Wow, would I have liked having my own machine ‘back in the day’!

We talked a bit about how they might get the word out to customers, and the best day to start the business. (There has been rain in our forecast. It’s not as hot as it has been, and folks are not getting out as much just now due to the rain). We landed on making a few flyers and using some chalk, for both of our driveways. You see, I live next door to where they were planning to set up – they will write a note in chalk, and have a BIG arrow pointing to their house.

One of them said, ‘but I don’t have any chalk’! Then the other young lady said: ‘I do, and so does she. (She turned to me). Can we use yours if we need it?’ Of course I said ’absolutely’! (Yes, I have my own driveway chalk, but that’s a story for another time!) Then, oh so kindly, they asked if I could make a flyer. When I agreed, one of them in the sweetest way said, and I quote, ‘you’re going to be a good employee’. We went back and forth about a few details such as pricing, days, hours, etc. Can you understand, just a little, why this is a job I am excited about?

So after kicking around a few ideas, here’s the flyer I created:

Flyer in hand, I went over to take it for review. My little friend was surprised and several times let me know that I didn’t have to make it. Oh, guys, I wanted to! She gave me her approval and asked if I could print another one for her partner. And then she said we walk together over to her house to give it to her.

As it turns out our friend was coming over to play at the same time we were going to take it to show her – so we didn’t have to go far. She too reminded me more than once that I didn’t have to make the flyer. And thanked me more than once!

Now, we still aren’t sure when our first day of business will be, as the weather doesn’t seem like it will cooperate this weekend, but I assure you, we are ready to go!

This has been such a sweet and much needed distraction in my last couple weeks, considering all that is going on. In fact, it means so much that here I am, sharing sweet news here!

Maybe you should take a look around you. There may be a little kindness and goodness close by you to brighten your week. This has certainly been a bright spot in mine, and oh, how grateful I am for it!

One thought on “Sno Cones….and a new job

  1. Thank you! I will be looking for that sweetness around me, and hopefully share with others to brighten their day, as you have brightened mine!


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