Save a rescue – Share a linen

Today’s opportunity I will keep short and sweet.

The Petsmart in my community is made up of a unique group of folks. Over the last several years under new management, they have been a blessing, not just to me but to the community as well.

I recently had a conversation with the manager of the store about their ongoing efforts to do what they can to support the rescues and other organizations – not just in our community, but in other parts of Georgia as well.

This morning as I dropped off my pup for Day Camp, I ran into the manager and as we were chatting, she mentioned to me that right now, they are partnered with some other folks to help out a rescue that is in dire need in Fitzgerald, Georgia. She shared with me that donations are always helpful. There are other things we can do to assist as well – for instance, she mentioned that old linens would be a wonderful help. However Fitzgerald, Ga is not the only rescue that could use help – many shelters are in great need and could benefit from our kindness.

So I have asked her if I can share the need and encourage you to help.

If all you have is just one old towel or sheet that would be greatly appreciated. And if several of us or more wanted to do this, we could be an even bigger part of supporting a shelter. In this case, due to the great need in Fitzgerald, the linens and other donations will be helping them.

The Petsmart in my community at 3630 Peachtree Pkwy, Suwanee, Georgia 30024 has offered to accept any linen you might want to donate at the front check out stations (you don’t even have to go that far into the store). If this location is not convenient for you, why don’t you reach out to the animal rescues and even the Petsmarts in your area – I’m sure they need could use some support in a variety of ways and I’m willing to bet old linens would be on their lists as well.


It only takes one

What is this all about? What do you mean by chasing goodness?

Good questions. I’m using the phrase chasing goodness because I truly believe there is some kind of goodness in every day. Even on my toughest of days, I’ve been able to find a tiny ray of goodness. The goodness I’ve found on those days hasn’t always been from a friend or family member – sometimes from a stranger, and sometimes it’s a combination of goodness from many. On some of my toughest days, a kind word, a little humor, holding a door, a simple thank you, even someone letting me letting into the traffic flow can be something so appreciated for a variety of reasons.


One tiny act afforded to me one day I still remember. A friend of mine and I were racing to get one of my dogs to the vet. I came up to a spot where it seemed like it was impossible to get into the traffic flow, and candidly, time was of the essence. One kind fella stopped and waved me into the flow. We were so thankful. I turned and gave him the thank you wave and instead of a kind wave back he gave us a thumbs up. Both of us remember that, even to this day. And his simple act of letting us into traffic was extremely helpful – more so than he could have guessed at that time.

My point is that we don’t always know how the simplest act might be just the thing someone needs. So my question: what if we begin to build a community of people who are chasing opportunities to share or bring just a tiny bit of goodness? Can you imagine the impact that could have in our communities and even beyond?

So join me! Check in once a week or maybe even more. I will share some suggestions for opportunities to chase, and some of my experiences. And I would love to hear from you about your experiences and any opportunities you might suggest.

“Look for a way to lift someone up. If that’s all you do, it’s enough.”
— Elizabeth Lesser
So, are you in? Will you join us?
So let’s start this slow and easy, how about this week we look for an opportunity to share one kind word with someone we don’t really know?
There are lots of people we come across during our week where it would be easy to offer up just one kind word.  Sometimes we see them often during the course of our week and others we might never see again.
My challenge to you as we kick this off…is to seek out at least one person that is out of your comfort zone and share just one kind word with them.

So, are you in? Will you join us?