Adventures Overseas, and My Super Tuesday

Finally…I’ve been trying to write this post for the last 3 1/2 weeks, and one thing after another has happened. I even started the next few posts I plan to share after this one. The first in a series is always the toughest for me.

Then, my help was needed in some places I hadn’t planned for. (All is fine now!)

To make things even more “interesting,” after I had created the intro to this set of posts, I faced a technical glitch and they were somehow deleted from my iPad. Often, I write my posts on my iPad, as I rarely use my computer these days. After quite a bit of research and lots of trial and error, here we are! I don’t expect any trouble here – I’m writing this on the Y Journal app. I can’t remember the last time anything was accidentally deleted from this application, thank goodness.

So, let me start with an apology to those of you who had asked me to share more details about my own Super Tuesday. It just so happens that it might be interesting to you, too! You see, we were just returning from a very special trip on that day…no elections needed.

We were coming home from our adventures in Istanbul, with a stop in Ephesus, rounded out by a little time in Athens, Greece. I’ve been asked more than once – what was my favorite part of the journey? Candidly, it has been next to impossible to narrow it down to one or even a handful of things. Then I had the idea to share with you some of the history and beauty of these lands, and even some of my personal adventures – shopping, eating, and even climbing!

Here’s just a small glimpse of some of the next few chapters of this series. I was thinking I’d start with Istanbul, as it was our first and longest stop.

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